Pagers and Phones

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General Guidelines

  • Respond to pages as quickly as possible.
  • Pages are expected to be answered within 15 minutes.
  • Call back on all pages, even FYI or critical labs. This builds trust and rapport with staff. It helps convey accessibility.
  • If nurses or staff are bypassing residents, discuss with the attending and nursing staff or if necessary, the program director. This should not be happening regularly, but there are some nurses who do this more than others.

Returning Pages

  • Calling from hospital phone to another hospital phone --> dial 28-xxxx. (xxxx represents last 4 digits of call back number).
    • comment: This is primarily how you will communicate with nurses.
  • Calling from hospital phone to an outside number --> first, dial "91", then, dial the 10 digit number.
  • Calling from personal phone to hospital phone --> first dial - "512-509", then, dial the last 4 digits.
  • Calling from personal phone to hospital phone and hiding your cell number --> first dial *67, then dial the desired number. This hides your phone number from caller ID.

Sending Pages

  1. Dial 91.
  2. Dial full 10 digit pager number.
  3. Wait for beep.
  4. Enter the call back number [10 digit cell phone or 28-xxxx number of a nearby phone].
  5. Press # to finish or wait for the beep.
  • Tip: if using a hospital phone for callback, figure out that number before paging.


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