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Setup Instructions

  1. If you have not received an invitation for the calendar, request an invitation from the program coordinator.
  2. Use your phone to accept the invitation in outlook.
  3. Choose the calendar icon in the bottom right of outlook to switch to calendar.
  4. “Conference Schedule” should be in your list of available calendars.
  5. If unavailable, add it by selecting the blue “+” sign, then choose “Add Shared Calendars.”
  6. Search for “Conference Schedule” and select the "+" sign next to it.
  7. Find the calendar in your list of calendars and make sure the check mark is toggled, indicating that you’ve selected this calendar.
  8. It will take a little while for it to update, but then the calendar will appear in your Outlook calendar view with the topics


Add shared calendar01.png
Add shared calendar02.png
Add shared calendar03.png


Add calendar01.png
Add calendar02.png