November 2018 Resident Huddle

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Program Huddle Follow-up

  • Lakeway as a moonlighting option, work would be similar to PA. No full license necessary
  • Change of call schedule will need to wait until January.
  • Third years may have Lakeway rotation working solo with attending supervision. May include week on and week off schedule?
  • In training exam discussed.
  • Phone number cards discussed, MM working on this.

New Items

  • Student presence in resident work room.
    • Concerns with crowding, privacy, noise, computers
    • Problem with not knowing their schedule
    • Lately some students have been loud and unwilling to work or follow directions
    • HMF to contact Dr. F to clarify expectations
    • Put together a single page explanation of rotation expectations.
    • Resident needs to take lead in clarifying expectations on day 1.
  • Lounge/workroom will be getting a microwave.
  • Ascom phone found in the ED by AM.
  • Discussed ways to improve elective choices to match with career goals
    • Misunderstood that choosing some electives would mean doing the rotation twice back to bac
    • May be beneficial to split some months in half
  • Inpatient attending assignments
    • Everyone recommend preferred attendings in 1 on 1
  • QI project work load too high.
    • Dedicated time twice a month helps.
    • Made 3rd years exempt from QIP?
  • Elective rotations
    • GI is highly successful outpatient rotation
    • Other rotations need to consider following GI as a model.
    • Success of the rotation strongly reflected in ITE GI scores.