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Creating a Patient List

  1. Click Edit > Create my list.
  2. A popup will appear asking to name the list and select properties.
  3. The number in the upper left corner identifies your list.
  4. Choose properties that will make up the columns in your patient list table.
    1. There are a surplus of properties to choose from, more than can reasonably be explored.
  5. Enter the number of a previously created list to copy the previous properties and columns.
    1. Entering a name will search all user lists in the database.
    2. When choosing a name it is better to something unique for this reason.
  6. As an example, list #208561 uses hand-off entries.
Patient Lists
Epic ptlist01.png Epic ptlist02.png

Managing Patient Lists

  1. Patients and System Lists can be dragged and dropped to created lists
    1. It will populate the contents of the system list into your custom list
    2. Several system lists can nested under your own list
  2. There is no limit on the number of lists that can be created. Consider maintaining some of the following lists.
    1. ED list that showing all emergency room patients. Can also be seen by clicking "Trackboard"
      1. Folder: S&W Round Rock Hospital > !Units > Emergency Dept
    2. Team lists that include the following units grouped or separately: Hospitalist 1, Hospitalist 2, Hospitalist Hold
      1. Folder: S&W Round Rock Hospital > Provider Care Teams > all 3 folders are here
    3. Personal list that includes all assigned patients. Drag and drop patients as they are assigned.
    4. Follow-up list that includes interesting patients or cases worth following.
    5. ICU/Tele list is not as useful as it does not differentiate ICU patients from tele. There is a custom list that the ICU will share.
      1. Folders: S&W Round Rock Hospital > !Units > ICU/Tele
    6. List that includes all floor patients.
      1. Folders: S&W Round Rock Hospital > !Units > Med Surg 3rd/4th
Patient Lists
Epic ptlist03.png Epic ptlist04.png