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Coverage Expectations

  • Residents are expected to check in-basket messages throughout the day, preferably every 2-3 hours or a minimum of 3-4 times per day.
  • Last check should occur no sooner than 4:30 PM on business days.

Priority of messages

  1. Patient advice request
  2. Patient calls
  3. Refill request
  4. Results (this might increase in priority if needed to make an urgent and complex clinical decision.
  5. Response times on the first 3 types of messages are measured and are part of weekly huddle metrics. They are found to have an effect on the patient’s experience.

Peer Coverage

Before going on vacation or starting any clinical rotation during which continuity clinic is not scheduled, you need to make sure you:

  1. Find a cross covering resident.
  2. Grant access to your in-basket for the covering resident.
  3. Ensure covering resident has accepted your in-basket access in EPIC.
  4. Submit cross coverage form with above details to charge nurse, to obtain clinic faculty signature.
  5. Charge nurse will forward the signed form back to Program administrator.

Patient Advice Request

  1. Click "MyCht Enc".
  2. Scroll to "MyChart Message" and click "Reply".
  3. A text box will open. Enter your response to the most recent message and answer the patient's question.
  4. Click ‘Routing’.
  5. Type in the staffing attending name under ‘Recipient’.
  6. Click "Sign Addendum".

Patient Calls

  1. Open the "Patient Call" message in in-basket.
  2. Click on "Quick note".
  3. Enter phone message text and instructions to staff.
  4. Message is usually rerouted back to sender. Message may also be routed to the clinic nurse or "RRSC Internal Medicine Nursing Pool".
  5. Add attending in routing list.
  6. Click ‘Route to Sender’ to send the message.

Expired Orders

  • Found under the 'expiring orders' folder in the in-basket.
  • Renew as appropriate and have nurse contact patient.
  • Cancel if no longer seeing the patient or if clinically irrelevant.
  • Can be used as a reminder for patients to come in for their physicals or Medicare wellness visits, especially if related to mammogram, or lipids, or etc.