August 2019 Resident Huddle

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August 05, 2019

  • Holiday Calendar
    • Proposed starting January schedule on 12/30. February schedule would start early as well.
      • No cross coverage required.
      • Residents would have 1.5 days off. This would not be any extra time, but starting early extends this benefit to both the odd and even month schedules.
      • Maintains parity including weekends
      • Dr. S liked and approved this idea.
    • Most residents want more time off, 3 days or so if possible.
      • Can try to discuss other proposals.
  • Cardiology Weekends.
    • Generally residents upset about this.
    • Feel that residents are being used as cheap labor vs overworked PAs
    • Some residents have learned that cards PAs will no longer be working weekends starting sometime this year.
  • Georgetown clinic
    • Asked for call schedule accommodation in advance b/c coming from clinic is extremely difficult
    • Main concern is that this is a Friday, may be unfair to others
    • Will plan on trying to accommodate in the future
    • Likely best bet will involve working with FM didactic schedule