August 2018 Huddle

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Items Discussed

  1. Residents will need to participate in Primary Care huddles and department meetings across the street.
  2. Program needs to do better in Jeopardy competition. Lauren will make Jeopardy.
  3. ER rotation problems
    • No senior to help with clinic, In Basket.
    • Number of shifts are not equal or defined.
  4. Clinic appointment slots
    • Generally 90 minute blocks with 2 30 minute appointments and 30 catch up slot.
    • Can open more slots or change. Talk to Dr. S
  5. Weekend Call
    • Should not be switching as a general rule
    • If want to switch, need to contact PD, Monica, Attending
    • No golden weekends, wait until next month.
  6. Managing In Basket
    • Check 2-3x per day, may need to come in earlier
    • Need someone to cover on NF or vacation.
  7. ICU call
    • Should not admit until 2pm
    • ICU does not need to sign out to other services
  8. After Hours Critical Labs
    • Program will start taking call for critical labs using resident cell phone number
  9. Executive rounding noted patient satisfaction issues due to changes in plan from resident to attending.
  10. Consults
    • Call all consults.
    • Do not text.
    • Do not text HPI.
    • Break off from the rounding group if needed.
  11. Expect mentor assignments in the coming months.


  1. Complete AMA modules
  2. Complete Core Commitment
  3. Duty Hours-Don't need to enter separate time for noon conference
  4. Schedule requests need to be done 30 days in advance
  5. ITE Sept 7